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How to Use our Website


Placing your order on this website is simple, just complete the following steps;

  1. Browse or search for your product
  2. Select your items and quantity
  3. Review your cart
  4. Complete your order



  1. You can access the catalogue of products from the top navigation menu or
  2. You can access the catalogue of products from the left navigation menu
  3. To order a product click on the product thumbnail image shown




After selecting your item you will be directed to the product detail page, on the product detail page you will find;

  1. The image of the item selected, along with multiple image views. You can zoom into the product image for details
  2. The quantity of the item available
  3. The cost of the item
  4. The quantity box is for the user to insert the quantity of the item you wish to order
  5. Once the quantity is inserted click the “add to cart” button,  if a quantity is not inserted and the “add to cart” button is clicked, the default quantity added to your cart would be 1. Once the “add to cart” button is clicked you will be directed to your cart.
  6. The product SKU is also shown for easy reference.




After clicking the “Add to Cart” button you will be taken to your shopping cart, where you find the item or list of items you have selected while browsing. Before proceeding to check out there are a few useful things that can be done;

  1. You can clear your shopping cart removing all the items selected by clicking the “Clear Shopping Cart” button
  2. You can also update the item quantity in your shopping cart by editing the quantity and clicking the “Update Shopping Cart” button
  3. The grand total, excluding delivery charges are shown at this point.
  4. You can get a shipping estimate by selecting your ship to location and clicking the “Get Quote” button. You can update the total in your cart to include the shipping charge by clicking the “Update Total” button.
  5. If you have a coupon code you can enter and apply the coupon code which would apply to your total
  6. You can proceed to place your order by clicking the “Proceed to Checkout” button after you have reviewed your cart.




Billing Information

After selecting your “Check Out Method” if you have never registered on the website you would be required to complete your “Billing information”;

  1. First and Last Name (required)
  2. Your company name (not Required)
  3. Your email address (required)
  4. Your Billing address (required)
  5. Your City and State (required)
  6. Your Telephone number (required)
  7. If your “Billing Information” is the same as your “Shipping address” select “Ship to this address” select “Ship to different address” if your “Billing Information” is different from your “Shipping Information”

If you have selected “Ship to different address” you would be required to enter the information for the ship to address also, repeating the steps above.


Shipping Method

After entering the “Billing and Shipping Information” select the “Shipping method” for orders totalling TT $4,000.00 and over we offer free delivery.


Payment Information

After entering the “Shipping Method” select your payment method. You have two options for payment “Cash On Delivery” or “Credit Card”

Selecting “Cash on Delivery” would apply a 3.5% “C.O.D” surcharge to your order. We accept payment on delivery of your items within Trinidad and Tobago only, payment can be accepted via Cash, Linx or Credit Card.

Selecting “Credit Card” would prompt you for your credit card information on our secure credit card portal.


Order Review

After selecting the payment method you can now review and place your order. If you have selected “Cash on Delivery” as your payment method the “C.O.D” Surcharge is shown at this point.


Once your order has been successfully placed you would receive a “New Order” confirmation, sent to the email address provided.

Once the order has been processed you will receive an “Order Acknowledgment” confirmation with the invoice number reference

Once your order has been shipped you will receive a “Shipment Notification” confirmation with the tracking number and information.

You can also log into your account at any time to view your order status.